How do you set the gemstones?
Well, they only appear to be gemstones. The industrial gems, agates and such, are in the molds. What you’re seeing are a concave impressions of them. It doesn’t help that we color them with rich, gem-like colors. Don’t worry, they fool most people.

Why is the back so rough?
The rough back is a result of this particular casting process and ensures you that your ornament is an authentic Zinn Brilliant and has not been stamped out by a machine. The 130-year-old molds have slight imperfections. You’ll see that too.

Do I have to polish my Zinn Brilliant ornament?
One of the best qualities about tin is that it doesn’t oxidize easily so your ornament should stay bright for years. The antique ornaments had a lead content that dulled over the decades. We got the lead out.

What do I use to clean them?
DON’T!! Gustav A. Mayer said it best: “Their reflecting surface must not be rubbed or polished. Keep the dust off, and they will do the rest.” We recommend keeping the ornaments in their sturdy boxes when not in use.

Are they fragile? Will they break?
Yes and No. They are delicate but tin doesn’t break; it bends. If an ornament falls, bend it back into shape with a gentle touch and it should be fine. Just don’t step on it.